The Business Women in Education network was launched at the end of 2019 to bridge the gender diversity gap in the business of education. We recognise that women in the business of education are under-represented (especially in leadership roles) and under-networked, and believe that BWiE is part of the solution.

The network, which is quickly becoming the go-to place for women in the sector, connects like-minded professionals from all corners of the business of education with one thing in common: they believe in the value and wide-ranging benefits that diversity brings.

Since its inception, BWiE has provided a space for the under-represented to connect, learn and be heard. We do this through networking events, content as well as informal mentoring. It’s a place for operators, investors, advisors, entrepreneurs and others who work in the business of education. 

Our MISSION is to empower, inspire and support women in the business of education to accelerate their careers through a strong, global network

Our VISION is to be the go-to network for women and like-minded professionals in the business of education, at all stages of their career trajectory

What We Do?

Members of BWiE also benefit from personal introductions to key industry leaders (both men and women) in the sector. The network has already facilitated introductions, which have led to new business for operators, investors and individuals.

*When BWiE refers to women, we include trans women, non-binary people, and men who are comfortable in a female centred community. 

Please note: Given the size of the total membership, members can expect to be invited to a limited number of events. Event invitations are dependent on our audience segmentation, which tries to ensure, where possible, that members are only invited to events that may be of relevance to them. For this reason, members must update their details.


Become a member of our global community today and get access to exclusive events, grow with us insight and networking opportunities.

If you have any questions, would like to hear more about the network, or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch!

Engage with us

Make sure you join our online community on LinkedIn. You can find us by searching ‘Business Women in Education’, or simply send us an email and we will invite you.

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