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Lil Bremermann-Richard was appointed group chief executive officer of Oxford International in 2019, after serving as the commercial director since 2017. During her tenure at Oxford International, Lil has been successful in driving massive growth across the Academic Division and has steered the Group through significant business change and development during the Covid19 crisis.

With over 18 years senior management and leadership experience in education, Lil’s previous roles include director of International Recruitment for Cavendish College, head of international operations for South Thames College, and most recently, international director at BPP University. During her time at BPP, Lil set up overseas delivery centres in 6 countries, including Hong Kong, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago and Mauritius. In addition to her current position at Oxford International, Lil also serves as an advisory board member for IDP Connect, is founding member and advisory board member at Business Women in Education and non-Executive director at Corndel

Lil is passionate about gender equality in the workplace, and actively mentors women in their leadership journey, as well as their return to work post-maternity leave. Lil has won the Business Woman of the Year award at the Education Investor Award in November 2021. Originally from Uruguay, Lil has lived in London for over 20 years.

“I continue to feel inspired by the purpose of Business Women in Education, and of the fierce women I have met through it. As soon as the community was formed, I realised the importance of it. It is a platform for women to feel supported at all stages of their career in the business of education – for those in top management to continue thriving and for those wishing to move up the ladder to do so without fearing to step up or lean in. How do we do this? Through sharing knowledge, creating opportunities, networking, mentoring – and listening.”




Anita Gleave has spent her whole career working in the independent education sector and has a bachelor and master’s degree in educational leadership and management. She started her career as a teacher at schools in Hertford and London before becoming the founding head of a school in Worcester, head of a school in Bath and principal of a school in Yorkshire She also worked at director level for three international school groups (Alpha Plus Group, World Class Learning and the International Schools Partnership) where she held a number of senior corporate roles before becoming director of operations – a role she held at all three groups.

Anita is the founder and chief executive of Chatsworth Schools, which she launched in 2018 with the acquisition of Hall School Wimbledon, and the group has since grown to 14 schools and nurseries. Earlier this year she also created Blenheim Schools, the consultancy arm of Chatsworth Schools, which helps overseas investors enter the UK education market and operates schools internationally.

“I was delighted to be invited to join the Business Women in Education advisory board. As a female founder and chief executive, who has over 30 years’ experience in the education sector, I have seen first-hand how few women there are in leadership or management positions. I have also seen how little support there is for both senior women and those in more junior roles who are looking for guidance on how to progress their careers. Business Women in Education has an important role to play in supporting women at all stages of their careers and helping them reach their full potential.”

Anna Grotberg



Anna Grotberg is a partner at EY-Parthenon, a strategy consultancy for the education sector, where she leads its EMEIA education practice. Anna has a decade of experience working with education sector investors, as well as with education institutions and companies on issues of growth and operational strategy. Anna was previously a secondary school teacher and an education policy advisor in Westminster where she built on her initial passion for education. She is dual US-UK nationality

“Business Women in Education is a place for female leaders in education to convene, discuss sector trends, find support and mentorship, and overall promote female leadership in the field of education. While there are many women employed in the sector, there still remains a deficit of females in leadership roles. I support BWiE because of its mission to change that and to demonstrate the strength and value of female leadership in the education industry – those delivering education, creating products for education, and investing into education. I love being a part of the network as it has expanded my own horizons and is a place where I have found support and colleagues to challenge my own views as a leader. Come join us!”

PAM Mundy



Pam Mundy is an independent education and business development consultant who describes herself as “an entrepreneur by accident”. She works with many of the world’s leading UK and international school and education groups on strategic expansion, leadership and development. She also advises start-up schools on attracting investment and selecting partnerships. Pam is highly experienced in K12 education, early years education and school start-ups, particularly in Southeast Asia, Latin America, China and the US.

Pam is consultant chief academic officer (education, research and innovation sector) for the new smart city of Neom in Saudi Arabia, and is on multiple education boards, including ACS International, the Knightsbridge School, Dukes and Little Dukes Education Group and Summer Fields School, Oxford. She is the chair of Chatmore International Schools Board in Bermuda and sits on a variety of international Ministry of Education select committees and research groups.

“Having replied with a resounding “No!” to the initial invitation to join the first meeting of BWiE, with the view that ‘women’s groups’ were usually established with good intent and yet have limited impact, I now know that this community has a very different approach, calibre of membership and a totally impact-focused commitment.

Embracing the most eclectic and fascinating group of female leaders, the network aims to capture, inspire and accelerate women at all stages of leadership trajectory and make the glass ceiling merely a window ready to open. From lone businesswomen like myself, through to the leaders of big corporates, I am now part of an incredible and ever-expanding web of talent, innovation and intellect, all of whom are driving forward with the purpose of promoting and sustaining roles of businesswomen in education. It’s an absolute joy and privilege to be part of this expanding network – and my response to that first invitation, had I known what lay ahead – would have been a resounding ‘Yes!’. Even more so, I can say honestly, these authentic and feisty women are still those “who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities”.”




Partner and practice head Kristine Scott leads the Harrison Clark Rickerbys education team, which has advised the education sector for more than 50 years, providing expert guidance on issues relating to staff, pupils and parents, equality, diversity and inclusion, sensitive dismissals, pupil exclusions, and parental complaints. Kristine has over 20 years of experience of child protection and safeguarding, allegations against staff, child-on-child abuse, ‘live’ matters, as well as conducting retrospective reviews.

A trusted leader in the sector, Kristine is regularly invited to speak at national education conferences. Testament to the strength of Kristine’s expertise in this field is her work and involvement for the sector as part of its Covid-19 emergency response.

“I am delighted to support BWiE to encourage and promote opportunities for women in the education sector at all levels and in all disciplines, whether that is legal, financial, strategy, investment or school leaders. It is also an opportunity to connect and celebrate women’s achievements and increase visibility.”

Kate Shand



Passionate about education, Kate Shand founded Enjoy Education in 2006 with the belief that education has the power to transform lives, enabling happy, confident, life-long learners. Her award-winning company provides schools advice, private tuition and home-schooling, and has helped over 5000 families across the globe.  A founding member and former vice president of The Tutors’ Association, she was chosen in 2013 to represent the UK’s education sector with then PM David Cameron. Voted onto Management Today’s 35 Women under 35; was chosen as one of BBC’s 100 Women; and was nominated as one of four women for Women of the Future, Entrepreneur Awards. Kate is also a governor at Salusbury Primary School in London and gave a Tedx talk (2021) on education and sustainability.

“I have been a firm supporter of BWiE since its inception. The driving force behind the group is to support women in education to achieve their potential through access to networks, resources and mentoring.  As we know, different voices are crucial in decision making processes and I am firmly committed to ensuring that women’s voices are heard at all levels.  Transition points can be difficult to manage and the value of this group is to ensure women have access to information and support with planning their careers and running businesses. “

Kathryn Skelton



Kathryn Skelton is a specialist in online learning, ed tech and digital transformation, with more than 10 years’ experience as a strategist and operator in the education sector She started her career at The Open University, the UK’s largest university, and helped to found social learning platform FutureLearn in 2012. She headed up strategy at FutureLearn for eight years, taking the company from start-up to Europe’s largest private ed tech funding round at a £100 million valuation. She is currently an associate director at Unthinkable, where she provides strategic advice, analysis and support for a range of public and private organisations across adult, higher and K12 education. She is also on the board of Ada, the National College for Digital Skills.

“I support BWiE because I believe in a more equal society, and that by changing the nature of education we can change the world. I see powerful women throughout the education sector, yet we remain hugely under-represented in senior positions, particularly those with a commercial focus. I believe that by supporting and connecting women across the sector, we can address this imbalance. Individual women deserve better access to development, support, progression and commercial opportunities, and by delivering on this, we can work towards a more accessible experience of education for future generations. “


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