Education must support sustainability and climate change

There’s a push from the government to address sustainability and carbon reduction in the classroom, but what does this mean for the education sector? Jenna Pipchuk, executive vice-president chief sales officer at SMART Technologies, explores


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Date published: 14 June 2022

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Jenna Pipchuk, Executive Vice President, Chief Sales Officer of SMART Technologies

Jenna Pipchuk is the EVP, Chief Sales Officer of SMART Technologies and is responsible for global sales. Jenna joined SMART in 2007 and has over 20 years of experience in technology. During her career she lived in Europe for over 5 years and has worked globally for so long that her most common current location status is “in the air.” Jenna is known for transparent leadership, honed hiring skills and building great teams. She started her career in Product Management and has helped bring many successful products to market for SMART. Jenna holds a BSc in E-commerce from the University of Phoenix.