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The Glassmoon Group is motivated by its desire to create 21st century services which truly understand people. Its people-centric approach enables it to support colleagues to unlock their potential, grow businesses sustainably and enhance relationships, resilience and wellbeing within teams.

Glassmoon is committed to creating a workforce that is inclusive, diverse and flexible. Part of its strategy is to attract all genders to come and work in the sector while ensuring equal growth opportunities, upskilling and mentorship. 

In these articles, Glassmoon shares  insight and tips on a wide range of topics affecting business women in education on a daily basis and throughout their careers.

Glassmoon has extensive experience in working with all seniority roles and understands the unique challenges women face in the workplace every day. The organisation supports women to progress in their careers and into senior roles, by offering true flexibility and creating an environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and heard, enabling women to bring their whole selves to work while progressing in their career


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