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In these articles, Glassmoon shares insight and tips on a wide range of topics affecting business women in education on a daily basis and throughout their careers.

Glassmoon has extensive experience in working with all seniority roles and understands the unique challenges women face in the workplace every day.

The organisation supports women to progress in their careers and into senior roles, by offering true flexibility and creating an environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and heard, enabling women to bring their whole selves to work while progressing in their career

Our latest articles

Who am I? The importance of intersecting identities in the workplace
“Who am I?” It’s a question that most of us have asked ourselves at some point in time, perhaps ...

Stay-at-home mothers – an untapped source of talent
Let’s talk about mothers. Specifically, stay-at-home mothers who are ready to return to work. They could be the greatest ...

Second-generation bias – the unseen barrier to women’s career progression
The number of women in senior management roles is increasing incrementally. In 2021, the proportion of women in senior ...

Has flexible working really improved gender equality?
If we’ve learnt anything about work from the pandemic, it’s that we don’t need to spend endless hours at ...

The changing face of communication
For as long as we’ve inhabited the Earth, we’ve found ways to communicate with one another. From cave paintings, ...

Struggling to find the right work-life balance? Try these top tips
The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture is arguably one of modern society’s biggest mental health challenges. Many ...

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