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Happy Space UK is a leading children’s mental health charity. It provides bespoke guidebooks, engaging lesson plans and in-person or virtual workshops to schools across the UK, focusing on students in key transitional stages (i.e., between primary and secondary school (ages 9-12) and sixth form and university (ages 16-18)). We also provide wellbeing storybooks to early-years children (ages 3-5).

It aims to prevent mental health problems from arising wherever possible by making sure that schools have the resources they need to give absolutely outstanding wellbeing education. Establishing a society where every young person has the toolkit that they need to look after their mental health in the transition to adulthood and beyond.

In these articles, Happy Space will be sharing insights about all things wellbeing that may affect business women in education. We aim to provide practical wellbeing strategies wherever possible, from self-care to implementing a culture of wellbeing in the workplace.


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