Aileen Kane


Chief operating officer and director

Boarding Schools' Association and SACPA | Europe

Aileen Kane is the chief operating officer of BSA Group, and the Director of SACPA, the Safeguarding and Child Protection Association. She leads operations at BSA providing guidance and training and works closely with government departments, local authorities and other agencies to support members.

One of her team members said: “Aileen without fail goes above and beyond in everything she does for our members, but also for the individuals in our team. She embodies the ethos of the company – driven by a positive mentality, team attitude and minimal hierarchical system which empowers and supports. I am constantly inspired by how she manages her work and personal life, demanding workload and maintains high standards for our members across the four associations in our group.”

Said colleague explained that Aileen has in the past 12 months supported her to increate leadership responsibility, whilst being pregnant. “At the same time as ensuring I prioritise my physical and mental wellbeing for pregnancy, Aileen has supported me in building my professional skills, focusing in part on developing my leadership skills and potential. It has been fantastic to work with and for Aileen without any sense of “queen bee-ism” or similar, and the support has been both professional and personal in perfect balance – incredible.”

Aileen also heads up the group’s work to find places for refugee children escaping from conflict countries and is a trustee for a children’s charity.

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