Beatrice McKechnie


Managing director

Enjoy Education | Europe

Beatrice McKechnie is the managing director at Enjoy Education. She oversees the team, ensuring that the delivery of tutoring, home-schooling, and education consultancy is world-leading and tailored to the needs of each individual family and child.

A colleague describes her as naturally inquisitive, keen to embrace different forms of coaching and loves to find new ways of doing things. She is “driven by a strong set of admirable values which shine through in her leadership.”
Beatrice is inspiring her colleagues with her deep commitment to improving students’ opportunities by providing top calibre education.

“Beatrice has done a fantastic job at inspiring and empowering her team to rise to the challenges of the past 12 months. She has shown amazing strength and resilience during the challenging moments.” She runs a team of women, encouraging them to plan their next career steps, identifying their strengths and has plays an active role in engaging maternity plans to support new and returning mums.

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