Charlene Allen


Co-founder and director

IC Global Partnership | Europe

Charlene Allen is the co-founder of The IC Global Partnership, bringing her decades of experience in higher education to good use. With her co-founder, she has built an international community to support global education institutions through sharing best practices, training and development.

“Charlene has shown such passion and commitment to international education for over 40 years, and both Charlene and Sirin have dedicated their professional lives to internationalisation and global engagement,” a peer said. “They built a global community of like-minded professionals to encourage diversity, inclusivity, engagement, collaboration and global learning in order to make a positive impact on, and to add value to, the entire international education sector.”

During the pandemic, the IC Global Partnership proved a “life-line” to many within the sector, with their IC Cafes. These ‘Cafes’ connected like-minded people who were not bale to travel or meet as usual. They have transformed the way international education professionals can network, access best practice, engage with expert speakers, remain knowledgeable about any sector changes and enhance their professional development – all delivered through a hybrid model of working.

She has over 22 years’ experience in higher education and has held senior roles across several universities in the UK, held a national sector leading role as the first female Chair of British Universities International Liaison Association (BUILA) and sat on strategic international advisory boards for the British Council, Universities UK International and the UK Council for International Students Association.

“Charlene and Sirin are true role models for others in international education,” a peer said. “They are striving to become leaders in the area of environmental sustainability and championing equality and diversity in their coaching and mentoring of educational professionals.”

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