Clemmie Stewart


Director of learning and teaching

Chatsworth Schools | Europe

Clemmie Stewart joined Chatsworth Schools last year as director of Learning and Teaching and made an impact right off the bat. With 14 years of experience in the education sector, she is responsible for supporting schools in the UK and abroad, including the newly opened school in Dubai, Citizens School Dubai. She also supports educational staff to teach and lead with confidence.

“Clemmie joined Chatsworth Schools as an outstanding Head, her aim was to help all our schools to provide the best, most diverse, most inclusive learning they can for every child,” said a member of the leadership team.

“Clemmie not only walks the Chatsworth Schools’ values every day but her enthusiasm, professionalism and charisma exude in everything she does – at home or internationally. She works tirelessly for our children. She is their advocate and she will stop at nothing to enable an outstanding future for all of them.”

She has facilitated Chatsworth’s development programme, which has resulted in a Headship promotion, has produced a programme to support children in trauma, and humanitarian support for Ukrainian refugees. She has played an integral part in designing a school system and curriculum from scratch, that really disrupted the outdated norms in education, the Chatsworth Tapestry. Just nine months in, Clemmie is reimagining education and making her mark in the business.

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