Ella Tyler

diversity and inclusion champions

Chief operating officer and co-founder

Lead5050 | Europe

Ella Tyler is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Lead5050. With 27 years of marketing and operations experience, she is the founder of international language school Hello! Exmouth. Alongside her co-founders of Lead5050, she is a driving force for gender equality in the education sector and in leadership more widely.

The platform announced the Lead5050 Accreditation this year, which encourages businesses to have gender equality at the forefront of their minds and allows potential employees to know that they are forward-thinking employers. The accreditation is already attracting education companies and will “change the education sector for the better”.

Ella is a “powerhouse” who isn’t afraid to speak up, a peer said. She is passionate about gender equality and advocates for what female leaders have to bring to the table and is always available to coach and mentor others in the sector.

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