Emma Jones

ed tech and digital transformation

Ed tech programme lead

Nord Anglia Education | Europe

Emma has led Nord Anglia’s ed tech division since September 2021, when she was elevated to the role after another senior member of staff left. Although she is in the early phases of her career, she stepped up and honed her leadership skills and her ability to manage a multi-faceted project has been noticed by her superiors. Inspiring and influencing her superiors through her work, Emma is described as fearless.

“With skills and great deference, Emma effectively and confidently collaborates with male and female colleagues far senior – in role and experience – to ensure our project remains on track,” said the nomination.

“Seeing Emma navigate the challenges of being a young woman in education makes me hopeful for the future.” As a young woman just beginning her leadership journey, Emma is described as “remarkably poised and confident, yet never arrogant”.

In many meetings, she is the lone female voice and consistently demonstrates a keen intellect, commercial acumen and authentic compassion. “She is uniquely herself and undeniably talented. Most importantly, Emma is paving the way for the next generation of female leaders.”

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