Fiona Boyd


Co-founder and director business development

EdSmart | Asia Pacific

Fiona Boyd is the co-founder and director business development of EdSmart. Her small actions, like taking the time to meet one-on-one with each member of the team every week to personally check in that makes her a leader to watch.

Apart from being a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, having set up multiple businesses across various sectors, Fiona’s empathetic approach to leadership is being noticed. “Fiona is a born carer with a dream to do something for the greater good while helping others along the way.”

A core focus of Fiona’s is how she can positively impact the education sector as a whole. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, she created a webinar series for school leaders to come together and share their experienced and advice – a platform which proved to be “hugely beneficial to the wellbeing of principals”.

“I feel very grateful to have Fiona as a mentor and a leader in our company,” they added.

She is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, having said up Arts Hub, Screen Hub and other online businesses, such as REmessenger, a social platform for real estate agents, and Folk Like Me, an early social network for communities of interest.

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