Georgina Harris

higher and further education

Dean of science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Arden University | Europe

As our founding dean of the STEM Faculty at Arden University, Georgina Harris leads the team, providing support and guidance to staff and students. Along the way, she has played a fundamental role in setting up the faculty, setting strategic objectives and ensuring it is opening doors to careers in STEM and maximising accessibility, which is no mean feat in itself.

She is a Chartered Engineering has played a leadership role within this context for over 20 years, contributing both to education and to furthering knowledge through research in collaborative partnership with industry. Engineering is traditionally a male-dominated career choice, but throughout a highly-esteemed 15-year academic career Georgina has been on a one-woman mission to reverse the status quo, and ensure that everyone – no matter their age, gender, or background – is able to access careers in this most rewarding of field.

Someone who works with her said: “Georgina is a passionate believer in the ability of education to change lives – not just for the learner themselves, but for future generations, too. This is embedded in her teaching practice and in the experiences she creates for her students. As she recently said: ‘If you give someone an education, you are potentially educating the future generations of an entire family.’”

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