Harpreet Kaur

early years

Academic and adminstrative coordinator

Oakridge International School | Asia Pacific

Harpreet Kaur is an academic and administrative coordinator at Oakridge International School, Nord Anglia Education. With nine years’ experience in education, she is passionate about teaching early years and primary school students.

Harpreet is also a strong believer in building a community that focuses on equality, diversity and inclusion, something which she has been recognised for within her school. One of her colleagues said: “Harpreet has been a true professional from the beginning. But it’s her boundless energy and her enthusiasm that’s so infectious, and makes her so much fun, and so productive, to work with.”

They added: “Harpreet has supported the leadership team at the school through various initiatives. She was nominated to be the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion Champ for her school and has successfully worked in the steering committee bringing about awareness of the importance of inclusion and the biases and prejudices we live within our daily lives.”

Additionally, she is a mentor and her capability of giving people respect for their good ideas and ability to collaborate to make those ideas even better has inspired her colleagues and the leadership team at the school.

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