Helen Newies

ed tech and digital transformation

Ed tech consultant and former operations director

GCSEPod | Europe

Helen Newies is an ed tech consultant, having previously held the role of operations director at GCSEPod. Described as a “remarkable individual” by her former employees, she had a monumental role to play during the acquisition of GCSEPod, which completed last year. During the process,

Helen was “not only in her element, but truly outstanding in the way she lead meetings, held, explained and surfaced knowledge of the business to potential acquirers and represented the business in the best possible light.

This is no small feat or task, with huge pressure on young shoulders especially when fielding challenging questions from seasoned questioners/investors.”

Helen has “the rare skill of knowing how to convert what schools, teachers, and students need from an initial idea into a meaningful product, and can brief and manage a product and tech team to deliver it,” a former employee said.

She can hold herself up in any meeting, going “toe-to-toe with even the most testing of questioners”. They added: “If I was ever to go into battle again – I would call Helen in a heartbeat.” Helen is now an independent ed tech consultant.

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