Hortensia Prieto


General director

San Roberto International School | Americas

Hortensia Prieto is the general director of San Roberto International School (ISR), a private school in Monterrey, Nuevo León México. A Nord Anglia leader, who works with Hortensia said: “I have never come across an individual who commands so much respect with people because of her ability to lead by example and stand up for what is right. For example, during the pandemic, Hortensia inspired me by leading a movement of Schools to ensure that Schools are permitted to open in order to ensure that students can receive the personal, social and emotional support they require.”

She has played an integral part in building the legacy of the school she works at, having joined it in 1991. She and the school received the Cognia School of Distinction Award in 2021, an award handed to very few schools around the world which recognises the impact it has on its community and the quality of education.

During her time at the school, Hortensia has served as curriculum coordinator, academic coordinator, principal, superintendent assistant and general director. She has played a key role in bridging the gap in gender diversity within the school by building a diverse team and empowered leaders in their roles, and she believes that gender diversity in leadership is crucial.

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