Jenny Pool


Co-founder and director

8billionideas | Europe

Jenny Pool is the co-founder and director of 8billionideas, which has worked with 250,000 students in 500 schools. After spending the best part of a decade in the corporate world working for the technology giant IBM, she took the leap to become an entrepreneur in education.

While managing large and important projects such as investment strategies and cash management, she carves out time to create and lead initiatives that facilitate personal moments for the company and its employees, one of her team members said. “Jenny inspires me daily by showing me what a committed and empathetic leader looks like,” they added.

Another colleague said: “Jenny is a constant inspiration to everyone in our business, our schools and our students on a daily basis. Her positive but relentless commitment to our business and striving to make sure we deliver expert world-class education in the area of entrepreneurship, career education and skills for the future is what makes her special.”

Without her the business wouldn’t have been possible and “the impact of our company is growing daily”. She’s driven the company to have 60% of the Board as women and over 50% female. Jenny continues to be a role model for mothers in the team, setting out policies that allow new mothers to be fully present at home without feeling overwhelmed or an over-burdening pressure from the workplace.

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