Joanna Parry George


Co-founder and chief executive

Talk Education | Europe

Joanna’s background is in education journalism. Her extensive knowledge of independent schools led her into consulting, where she spent another 10 years helping relocate parents with school placements both here and in the United States. In 2019 she co-founded Talk Education, a platform that gives independent schools advice comprising a dynamic, digital schools guide, a parent advisory service and an educational events company, to provide parents with properly informed guidance on their schools’ choices, and to give schools a new, effective and quantifiable marketing resource.

Joanna’s energy and work ethic has been the driving force behind Talk Education for the past 12 months, according to a colleague who describes her as “a superwoman”. “Without her determination to keep achieving our original vision for the company, it’s unlikely that Talk Education would be the business it is today.”

Joanna provides strong female leadership to a strong, almost fully female team. Last year, the company was recognised by JP Morgan as one of the top 200 high-growth, female-powered businesses in the UK. Joanna has also been instrumental in ensuring that Talk Education can offer its employees fully-flexible working hours to help and support busy working mothers juggling childcare, school holidays and personal commitments.

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