Julie Keyes



The Educational Consultant | Europe

Julie Keyes has inspired individuals in the business of education through her personal approach to coaching and her strong social media presence. She is described as a “knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate business owner” who will go out of her way to support others in the sector, not expecting anything in return. “In such an aggressive marketplace, this truly sets her apart”, one of her peers said.

With over 15 years first-hand teaching experience, she has built a business combining her experience in education with her coaching accreditation to help individuals, from teachers to senior leaders, across the sector and “continues to come up with ideas that will help, support and develop parents, teachers and children alike”.

One person said Julie’s clear focus, experience and personal approach had helped their business develop. “Julie’s services have provided a space a space for educators to be heard, cared for and professionally developed.”

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