Karin Askham


Managing director of arts and enterprise, and rector

Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts | Europe

Karin Askham has an ability to find the positive in a situation and is solutions-focused and her passion for education delivery and commercial awareness has been noticed by her management and peers. “Karin isn’t afraid to push boundaries and has an ability to get things done,” one person said. “As the group has restructured, Karin has been a symbol of stability and someone who leads by example and has mentored a number of people into new leadership positions.”

She has worked for nearly 30 years in a number of academic and senior management roles in highly regarded universities and private education organisations. She is currently the principal at the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Karin is a strong supporter of gender equity and has helped the CATS Global Schools management team reach a 50:50 gender balance at a leadership level. She has established a mentoring support network internally and has implemented a number of policies and processes to drive change within the organisation.

She has throughout the last 12 months led on social justice projects for BLM and has been described by her colleagues as an “inspiration”. The projects attracted large scholarships for the under-represented. Karin is dedicated and passionate about further and higher education delivery and has helped get her organisation one step closer to getting degree awarding powers.

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