Kelly Sharp


Director of operations

Scotch International Education | Asia Pacific

Kelly Sharp is an experienced school leader with specialisations in special and international Education as well as in teacher training. She took a significant career shift away from her school leadership role to join the start-up company Scotch International Education. She is working with the company’s partner in Vietnam to establish Scotch College Australian Grammar School in Vietnam.

“She has taken a leap of faith in our vision and my leadership and has taken ownership of our first international partnership project in Vietnam,” an executive at the company said. “She has been relentless in supporting the team in Vietnam and responding to many challenges and delays on the project.”

Kelly brings her educational consultancy and project management expertise to a diverse range of education related projects, including the establishment of Scotch College Australian Grammar School in Vietnam. “Kelly is a passionate, high performing leader whose work speaks for itself and demonstrates that gender is no barrier to ability. She is a great role model to other young female leaders and educators,” the executive said. “I couldn’t do my job without her.”

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