Kelsey Botne

ed tech and digital transformation

Director of learning

EduMe | Europe

Kelsey Botne has been working in education for 15 years, with the past 8 exclusively within the education and learning technology sector. Kelsey is currently the Director of Learning at eduMe and her “superpower is empowering other people”.

Over the past 12 months, she has helped numerous people find their place in the world of ed tech. A former colleague and friend said: “Kelsey is especially great at mentoring younger team members who are new to the workforce. Because of her strong leadership and inspiring nature, Kelsey has motivated a huge number of incredible talented people to dedicate their time to improving the quality of education for all learners.”

Kelsey not only has a huge impact on the business of education every day through the work that she does, but she has also helped to ensure that the next generation of learners in education will be made up of outstanding talent that can drive meaningful change as a sector. “Kelsey is so generous with her time and has helped countless women in education figure out their path and find success. In addition to everything she does for other women, she is also just incredible at her job and I think will probably run the world one day.”

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