Leanne Linacre

diversity and inclusion champions

Chief executive and co-founder

Lead5050 | Europe

Leanne Linacre is described by one of her peers as “the most authentic leader I know”. As co-founder and chief executive officer of Lead5050, she is actively closing the gender diversity gap in the business of education.

“She is unapologetically a female leader – she doesn’t ‘lead like a man’, nor does she adopt traditional masculine leadership qualities to try to ensure her success in the current patriarchal set up,” a peer said.

As chair of ALTO, she has led language schools and agents in the international education sector through the most challenging times in living memory during the pandemic. All whilst steadying her own English language school, she has chaired monthly meetings to help the industry support one another.

She has played a fundamental role in developing the Lead5050 Accreditation scheme, which was announced this year. “She truly believes we can change the current leadership paradigm and achieve 50/50 in leadership across the board. The accreditation scheme is a cornerstone of her vision.”

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