Linda Baston-Pitt

early years

Chief executive

PurpleBee Learning | Europe

Linda Baston-Pitt is the chief executive of PurpleBee Learning. For most of her career, Linda has been a passionate advocate of health and wellbeing. She is a constant source of positivity and encouragement for her team and her passion for the sector trickles all the way through PurpleBee.

She inspires women to reach their potential and is always available to share her advice on how to improve wellbeing in the workforce.

Over the last 12 months, she has continued to boost awareness of wellbeing and promote the PANCo qualification, which she co-founded. The qualification has been designed as a wellbeing Ed tech and digital transformation-in-action course that delivers educators the right tools and knowledge base to drive change within early years and school settings.

“Her work is truly inspirational and is all about putting the early years sector at the forefront to improve the educational outcomes of our next generations,” a peer said.

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