Linda Cuddy

early years


Welcome Nurseries Limited | Europe

Linda Cuddy is one of the founders of Welcome Nurseries Limited, which launched in 2019. On a mission to train and upskill staff, Linda believes mentoring is one of the very best ways to support staff wellbeing and for the children in their care.

One of her mentees said this approach to management made the world of a difference at a time of difficulty. “I had little confidence, now I am a strong independent woman who can take on the world. I believe in myself, something I couldn’t say two years ago. I was going to quit education; Linda ignited that passion back in me. Linda is the greatest influence I have ever had in my life. I am a strong woman because of her.”

Since 2019 when the group started operating, they have acquired over 45 nurseries, most of which are in need of assistance. Linda helps turn them around with a personal approach, actively encouraging all genders into early years education.

“Linda is the one true unsung hero in education. She has touched all her employees’ lives. She has raised standards in early years and she has built the business to being the 4th largest group in the UK without any bank debt or private equity.”

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