Maud Millar


Co-founder and chief executive

Adapt | Europe

Maud is the co-founder and chief executive of Adapt, an award-winning revision timetable app, which went straight to number 1 on the Education App Store at launch in 2020 and has since grown to over 400,000 users in 5,000 schools globally.

Described as a wonderful, kind and caring person and a “passionate and clear-sighted” leader, Maud is on a mission to improve the lives of students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. A business woman in the sector said: “Maud has inspired me to keep improving the lives of teenagers. She constantly remembers how challenging it is to be young, trying to organise yourself, especially when you’ve had very few opportunities in life.”

Apart from launching and driving the growth of her ed tech company, which she is “leading from the front”, Maud is also deeply committed to supporting female students achieve their grades.

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