Natalie Cryan

ed tech and digital transformation

Product director, student experience

Study Group | Europe

Natalie Cryan is a product director at Study Group. She has 15 years’ experience in the education and training sector and combines her knowledge and experience of technology with a deep care for the student experience. She is described as “an impressive business woman in education” by her leaders and is a driving force behind Study Group’s online delivery.

She is a values-driven and collaborative leader who places emphasis on empowering a growth mindset to enable and empower cultural transformation and innovation.

“Natalie Cryan’s role has been fundamental to our business for the last 12 months and it is in acknowledgment of this and the way that digital innovation is now central to our company that she now been given the role of director of student experience within our revised global structure,” a Study Group executive said. “Digital innovation has not only enabled the business to continue throughout the pandemic, it has opened opportunities to innovate, reach new markets and strengthen attainment, support and induction in a hybrid model. Our business is better for Natalie’s contribution.”

While digital innovation and technology roles are often associated with men, Natalie Cryan works in this context with total competence and credibility, bringing to the sector an awareness of the wide range of business roles open to women, including at a senior level. “Natalie is patient, thoughtful and honest, and her leadership style engenders trust amongst those who may feel cautious about change. She is an asset and a female leader who commands respect.”

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