Nicola Lutz



No Fluff | Europe

Nicola Lutz is a specialist sales trainer, mentor and coach for agents and schools in international education via her company, No Fluff. She is helping education companies through her sales coaching and training, including female entrepreneurs in this space.

“Nicola has a heart of gold and a smile that will melt the coldest ice,” said one of her peers. “I challenge anyone who doesn’t enjoy being around her. Once you have spent time knowing Nicola, you won’t want to say goodbye – not only because she’s fun, caring and positive, but also because she’s just such an asset to your business.”

As well as 27 years working in the international education sector, she is a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals and a member of the CPD Accreditation body, which means she focus on tangible learning outcomes from her training.

The company is called No Fluff for a reason – she is not a stuffed suit, she will not give you half the questions and no answers, but she will give you ‘no fluff’ solid ways you can increase your sales, as well as motivation and inspiration. She has a skills subscription specifically for sales and marketing folk in our sector, trains BDMs around the globe in company-tailored sessions and coaches one-to-one with school and agency leaders. She also runs a free social media group and offers free live training sessions.

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