Rebecca Annand

higher and further education

Co-founder and managing partner

Infinite Learning | MENA

In 2015 Rebecca co-founded Infinite Learning, a company dedicated to providing the very best Professional Learning opportunities for teachers and leaders across the Middle East, Asia and Africa region, and beyond. Described as “supportive and patient”, she is a “great representation of a business woman working in education”.

She is empowering younger women in the business, by hiring them and guiding them through the educational field. “It was been a great inspiration to watch her when it comes to business and to education,” someone said. “She has worked towards providing affordable and bespoke training to teachers and leaders worldwide and she really cares about what people are learning.”

Rebecca is previously worked as a secondary school teacher and joined the British Schools in the Middle East in 2010, where she developed and led the continuing professional development programme.

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