Sandrine Henton


Managing director

EG Capital | Europe

Sandrine is the managing director at EG Capital, a fund management company founded in September 2015 dedicated to the Health, Food and Education sectors. She set up Educate Global to focus on medium-sized businesses with an initial focus on youth & women in East Africa.

Sandrine is dedicated to the education sector. Through her work with EG Capital, she seeks to improve the educational outcomes and life chances for children in low-income communities with an initial focus on East Africa. A peer said: “She holds herself to extremely high standards and is committed to ensuring that the projects she leads will have the best outcome for the community it serves. She is an inspiration to her team and a brilliant role model for other women wanting to make their mark as investors and advisors.”

EG Capital is committed to investing in high growth and purpose-led businesses in some of the world’s fastest growing regions. The fund cross-sector approach to investment drives private capital into three high-growth industries: Health, Nutrition, and Education.

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