Sarah Raffray


Headteacher and chair

St Augustine's Priory and Society of Heads | Europe

Sarah Raffray has been headteacher of St Augustine’s Priory for the past decade, having worked her way up through the ranks of various other catholic schools, inspiring many on her journey.

“Sarah is the reason I became a head,” said a former employee. “She is a key player in shaping the future of education. She is interested in challenging the way we have always done the things if they are no longer fit for purpose and inspires others with her vision of what education looks like in the fourth industrial revolution.”

She is the chair of The Society of Heads this academic year and is devoted to preparing students for what comes next and is convinced that equality, diversity and inclusion must be central in all schools. Passionate about promoting the female voice in the education space, Sarah is an advocate for feminism both in her school leadership and as a public figure. She is described as “one in a million”, driving change in the schools’ space and empowering individuals within it.

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