Sumera Fatima


Senior sales manager

Nord Anglia Education, India | Asia Pacific

Sumera Fatima joined Nord Anglia Education, India, 9 years ago, and has worked her way from admissions officer to the role of senior sales manager, responsible for handling all admission enquiries. She is described as “a brilliant colleague” who is determined, focused and faces new challenges “with grit”.

The regional office was previously a very male-dominated workplace, but Sumera has during her time with Nord Anglia turned out to be a role model for encouraging women to find their pedestal at an all-male workplace.

“Sumera believes that knowledge is power in a male-dominated field and that keeping herself updated gives her the confidence to stay ahead in the game,” one of her peers said. “She now leads an all women team, the members of which look up to her as an ally, a mentor and a strong advocate for women.”

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