Susan Fang


Co-founder and chief executive

Oxbridge Holdings | Europe

Susan Fang has over 20 years’ experience leading one of East Asia’s oldest and most successful B2C and B2B education agencies focused on international student recruitment to 110 UK higher education and 400 K-12 independent school partners. She is the chief executive and co-founder of Oxbridge Holdings.

Described as “an academic powerhouse”, Susan has built a brand for herself on LinkedIn, making her a well-known name within the business of education as she inspires and motivates those around her. A peer said: “Susan impacts the international education sector through her useful content, as well as sharing her personal activities, goals and pure passion for our industry. She is quick to give praise and shout out about others, too, giving without an expectation to receive in return.”

Susan seems to “know everyone” and has made a name for herself on LinkedIn. She’s supporting students to study in the UK at all levels on education and has spent the past two decades empowering families worldwide to get their children into the world’s very best educational establishments.

“She’s very well connected but more than that, she won’t hesitate to introduce you to others. She focusses on students and their families. I love that. If you focus on the people first and foremost, the business will follow,” another peer said. “She’s a superb example of a woman who’s established her own company and is thriving.”

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