Vivi Friedgut


Founder and chief executive

Blackbullion | Europe

Vivi Friedgut is the founder and chief executive of Blackbullion, a financial wellbeing platform that’s simplifying the world of finance and access to funding for young people, globally. Vivi is deeply committed to shaping the future of financial wellbeing by redefining fintech and financial learning, to foster conversations and connection for Blackbullion’s customers, community and partners. An ed tech investor in the education space said: “I have spent 30 years as an entrepreneur and investor in ed tech and have not come across anyone as genuine and hard grafting as Vivi. She is already a success but deserves the recognition that should go with this.”

Earlier this year, Vivi and her team launched Blackbullion Futures, a partnership with the Bank of England and Pearson. The online programme aims to give 16–19-year-olds the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make the right decision for their financial futures.

Vivi’s “pragmatism and single-minded pursuit of her clear corporate goals is a model for everyone in the sector regardless of gender or other identifiers”. She doesn’t get hung up on the challenges that come with being a woman in tech and works hard, achieves her goals and leads by example. “This is stark contrast to several high profile women in ed tech that I can think of who have achieved far less but are the usual suspects when it comes to role models for women in ed tech.”

As a tech leader, Vivi is a huge champion for the startup community, and active commentator within the fintech community, recently named as FinTech Magazine’s Top 100 Women. Her second book, Stay Financially Healthy, was published in 2022.

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