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Zhubei is an entrepreneur and an educational idealist. Having taught herself English, she strives every day to help Chinese children and their families learn to enjoy learning in a way that is free from fear and competition, and instead based on curiosity and the endless possibilities and potential that children are born with.

In the past 12 months, she has worked tirelessly alongside her team to deal with the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and the Chinese government announcing sweeping regulations designed to close down pretty much all outside-school education in China with a few short weeks’ notice. This policy worked very well: some estimate 90% of businesses working in the sector have closed their doors forever, a colleague of Zhubei said. “We have survived, but it has involved both reducing our team and having to change direction. Watching Zhubei, who built the organisation from scratch, through this period, continuing to build, continuing to have faith in the future, never giving in and never for a minute deviating from being an honest, authentic and deeply caring human being.”

Zhubei is also the vice-chair of Educating Girls in Rural China and is passionate about supporting girls’ and women’s education and ensuring that wherever you come from, you can access education and build the life you want to live. A colleague said: “She champions women leaders, is an amazing role model herself as a single mother and entrepreneur, and continues to commit and allocate resources to further women and girls’ potential and opportunities – for example, committing resources to a long-term non profit-making mentorship programme for girls in schools called ‘Future Female Leaders’, which gave groups of girls the opportunity to meet and work with women leaders in Beijing.”

Zhubei is “entirely self-made” and does not have a university degree. “Her energy, innate intelligence and openness has got her to where she is today – I remain eternally fascinated about where she will go next.”

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